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Contributed Review: The feasibility of a fully miniaturized magneto-optical trap for portable ultracold quantum technology 

Joseph Rushton, Matthew Aldous and Matt Himsworth
Rev. Sci. Instrum. (2014) 85, 121501 (2014) 
ArXiv version: arXiv:1405.3148

(in Review) Interferometric laser cooling of atomic rubidium (led by Tim Freegarde's group, Soton)

Alexander Dunning, Rachel Gregory, James Bateman, Matt Himsworth, Tim Freegarde
ArXiv version: arXiv:1408.6877

Composite pulses for interferometry in a thermal cold atom cloud (led by Tim Freegarde's group, Soton)

Alexander Dunning, Rachel Gregory, James Bateman, Nathan Cooper, Matt Himsworth, Jonathan A Jones, Tim Freegarde
Phys. Rev. A (2014) 90, 033608 
ArXiv version: arXiv:1406.2916

Control and manipulation of cold atoms in optical tweezers (led by Axel Kuhn's group, Oxford)

Cecilia Muldoon, Lukas Brandt, Jian Dong, Dustin Stuart, Edouard Brainis, Matt Himsworth, Axel Kuhn
New J. Phys. (2012) 14 073051
ArXiv version: arXiv:1109.0657

EIT-based quantum memory for single photons from cavity-QED (led by Axel Kuhn's group, Oxford)

Matt Himsworth, Peter Nisbet, Jerome Dilley, Gunnar Langfahl-Klabes, Axel Kuhn
Appl. Phys. B (2011) 103 (3), 579
ArXiv version: arXiv:1011.4755

Hänsch-Couillaud locking of Mach-Zehnder interferometer for carrier removal from a phase-modulated optical spectrum (led by Tim Freegarde's group, Soton)

James Bateman, Rich Murray, Matt Himsworth, Hamid Ohadi, André Xuereb and Tim Freegarde
J Opt Soc Am B (2010) 27, 1530
ArXiv version: arXiv:0911.1695

Rubidium pump-probe spectroscopy: comparison between ab-initio theory and experiment (led by Tim Freegarde's group, Soton)

M. D. Himsworth and T. Freegarde
Phys. Rev. A (2010) 81, 023423
ArXiv version: arXiv:0910.5075

Magneto-optical trapping and background-free imaging of atoms near nanostructured surfaces (led by Tim Freegarde's group, Soton)

H. Ohadi, A. Xuereb, M. Himsworth and T. Freegarde
Opt. Expr. (2009), 17 (25), 23003
ArXiv version: N/A

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